The hours of Pinterest research and window shopping are long forgotten, the bridal appointments as well. You’ve been through multiple fittings to make sure everything is in perfect order and ready to go. Finally, the day has come for you to take home one of the most expensive and meaningful garments of your life, your wedding gown. You may think that your gown is good to go until your big day arrives, but we think there are a few things you should keep in mind, in the months, weeks and days leading up to the big day. Here are a few tips you may not have thought about, but are super helpful:

  • Try to arrange to pick up your gown after you’ve done previous errands for the day or toward the end of your day when you’re on your way back home. Once your gown has been picked up, transporting it straight home to be hung up is the best option as keeping your gown in the car for long periods of time may cause wrinkles and creases to form in your gown. Take our advice, this is just an extra hassle you don’t need to have on your plate if you don’t have to.


  •  Always try to inquire with your boutique about the type of garment bag they are providing with your gown. Breathable fabric bags are best and plastic garment bags should be used as a temporary storage method only, never for an extended period of time. This is because plastic bags over time can release chemicals that can alter your gown, this can cause part of a gown to oxidize, turning the fabric or beading yellow, especially if you had purchased your gown well in advance and have to store it for a while before the big day. If you can, try purchasing a muslin bag to store your gown during transport and extended storing.


  • Closer to your big day (aka the night before), take it out from your garment bag and try to hang it at a high level (indoor window pane, or bedroom headboard and fanning out a gown on a spare bed is ideal) to air out your gown. Also try to keep your gown in a spare bedroom away from curious hands or pets, as little hairs can be hard to remove and time-consuming on your wedding day.

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