Here at Grace, our number one goal is to always help brides, as best we can on the journey to their big day or helping them preserve memories in the weeks and months following their wedding. It’s something we absolutely love doing and see ourselves doing for years to come. Along the way, we’ve also been able to help out in our community and as a small business, we’ve been able to do our part in helping larger initiatives that impact our earth on a global scale.

As a small business, we have been contributing to the for many years now. By contributing, we’re able to offset much of the emissions that are produced through running a business. CarbonFund, works on a variety of projects including energy efficiency, forestry and renewable energy, in an effort to reduce energy use, offset co2 emissions and reduce human contribution to climate change.

As part of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists, we’re able to offer our clients a ZeroCarbon gown preservation service, which offsets all co2emissions involved in the gown cleaning and preservation process, including the trip you take to and from our cleaning location.  As of today, our association has successfully reduced over 138 tonnes of co2 emissions and counting.

We’re so proud to say know that we’re working to help preserve the health of our planet while preserving memories for our brides.

if you wish to do more research on the carbon fund, you can visit here.

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