Whenever we talk to our clients, we always ask what made them want to bring their gown into Grace and one of the common responses is “the before and after pictures on your social media”. Now we could sit here and painstakingly explain our process and how we clean gowns, but pictures really do speak a thousand words, so we think these results will speak for themselves. Here are some of our recent before and after pictures:


One of the most common things we treat on wedding gowns is signs of aging. If not stored properly, gowns or other garments (like this communion gown) will become discoloured, often turning a yellow hue. As part of our restoration service, we’re able to bring the garment back to the original white colour, before preserving it.

Aging Before and After


Sugar Stains

Another example of what time and exposure can do to a gown are sugar stains. Throughout your big night, it’s common that there might be some spills, maybe some Champagne had spilled on your gown and you didn’t notice. These stains often do not appear right away, but over time, the sugar content will develop into a yellow stain.

Sugar Stain Before and After


Dirtiest hemline

The most common stains we see come into Grace are the dreaded hemline stains. As you can imagine, your white dress will be touching the floor through the whole day, picking up dirt, mud or grass stains. This example has been lovingly named our “our best worst hemline ever” stain.

Hemline Before and After

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