Have you ever been to an event where you’re surrounded with hundreds of like minded people all in attendance to experience the same thing, to interact with each other and to learn from one-another? That was our experience with The Atelier Collective!

We’d heard about the event from our friend Kim at Valencienne Bridal a few weeks ago and quickly scurried around to find some last minute tickets to the completely sold out event. Being the overall miracle worker that she is, Kim was able to snag some for us!

The event promised a jam-packed full day of learning, connecting and motivation, all lead by some of Canada’s biggest entrepreneurs, all of whom, are rockstar women, blazing the trail for future generations.

Our day started with a breakfast hour where we sipped some coffee while enjoying yummy wraps and can you believe it, getting our hair and make-up done!


After browsing through some of the sponsored booths we found our seat and settled into a morning meditation to kick off a full day of talks, starting with Confidence to Last: Become a Lifelong Advocate for Yourself. The speakers walked us through how we can overcome our limiting beliefs and how this can affect all aspects of our life, including our businesses.

After the first morning talk we have a quick break and took our time walking around the event space, grabbing some quick snacks and enjoying some vegan ice cream, to get our sugar fix before returning to our seats for more learning!



The late morning was filled with two great talks The Wealthy Woman: Investing in Yourself and Amplifying Your Earning Potential and The Power of a Growth Mindset: Re-framing Your Thoughts to Achieve Greatness. Most people shy away from money talk, but as small business owners, it’s such an important conversation that needs to be had. This conversation tied in perfectly with growing as a business, something that we’ve been talking about a lot lately here at Grace (Stay tuned for that).

The lunch hour was upon us at this point so we grabbed our meals and debriefed together, discussing what the morning schedule offered and what we planned on taking away from each talk.

One of the highlights of our day was discovering that one of our former brides was also attending the conference, as one of the business sponsors! Make sure you check out her family owned company Organic Traditions, at your local grocery or health food store. We sampled some of the different varieties of lattes that they offer (our fav was a tie between Matcha and Turmeric) and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to capture a good cheers moment for the Gram.


The early afternoon talks focused on the why and how! What’s Your Headline? Strategic Storytelling That Sticks, focused on why we exist as a business and how we can communicate this unique story in our marketing and strategy, while From Vision to Execution: Designing Your Own Road map to Success, focused on how we can take this message and execute it!

Time for another break before the heavy hitters come on stage!

One of the biggest draws of the night was a conversation with Jessica Mulroney. As one of Canada’s most successful and well know women, Jessica had amazing insights on how she runs her business, how she balances family and work and shared her up and coming projects.


The final talk was focused on Jillian Harris and Team Jilly. It was super interesting to listen to this group of talented and creative women talk about how they built such an iconic lifestyle brand from the ground up, as well as how they run the back end of their business.


As we left the event, we were given a goodie bag with lots of products and literature of all the many brands involved in the event, it was a great way to end such a lovely conference focusing on local Canadian brands who are run by incredible Canadian women.

We’re so excited to see what next year’s event has to offer!

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