One of the main services we offer our clients, apart from gown cleaning, is gown preservation. This is an additional service for those brides who would like to keep their gown in tiptop shape for a variety of reasons, including nostalgia or to save for future generations. We know that post-wedding is not an ideal time to spend money, so we want to make sure, you’re getting your money’s worth when looking for a Gown Specialist to work with. Below are the top 5 questions you should be asking when having your gown looked after:

  • What is included in the preservation process?

At Grace, you can expect a complimentary consultation as the first step of gown intake. Here we will inspect your gown to locate any stains, assess fiber conditions such as rips or snags, as well as inform you of any potential risks involved during the care process. Next, our team will clean your gown making sure to remove both visible stains, and sugar stains that are not yet visible but could become a problem if not cared for post-wedding. The cleaning process is a multi-step process and involves quality checks at each stage. After the cleaning, we invite you back for another visit to inspect the cleaned gown, before it is packaged. Once packaged, we’ll give you a call to come collect your newly preserved gown and share some best practices on how to store your preservation box.

  • How is the gown preserved?

Brides often do not know how the gown will be preserved once cleaned, so it’s important to ask this question. Here, we package your gown neatly presented on an acid-free bust form and wrapped in museum quality acid-free preservation materials. The box we use (also museum quality) is fitted with a window, allowing for you to look at your gown, should you wish too.

  • Why use acid-free packaging?

When it comes to preservation, the materials used are integral to the process, so it’s very beneficial to know why they are used. At Grace, we use acid-free packaging as it helps prevents yellowing and aging stains over time. We recommend box preservation as the acid-free packaging creates a barrier around your gown, preventing these harmful conditions from reaching it. During the packaging process, we layer gowns in acid-free tissue paper in a way that minimizes hard creasing and use an acid-free bust form which helps to maintain the gowns form. This suggested method of preservation also allows for less stress on the upper areas of a gown especially when it is in a folded position in a preservation box.

  • Is there a guarantee with preserved gowns?

With our gowns, yes there is. Grace is a member of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists, which offers a lifetime guarantee honored by any and all association members.

  • Can I touch my gown after it’s been preserved?

We advise not opening the box unless it’s time to either wear again or for someone else to wear it. To help with this feeling, we pack your gown in a box that has a clear window for your viewing pleasure. If you require access to your gown or would just like more freedom when storing it, we recommend the option of having your gown cleaned and stored in a muslin garment bag. The muslin material will be a better defense against acid in the air, compared to a traditional garment bag.


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