Your pre-wedding days can be a time filled with loads of emotion. From excitement to stress to pure joy, we know you’re going through an emotional marathon. Those feelings, mixed with all the pre-wedding planning you’re surely doing, can be A LOT! Most brides probably assume that once the gown is purchased and properly fitted, this part of the wedding process is locked in and ready to go. While this is mostly true, there are still a few things about your gown that you should keep in mind on your way to the big day.

One thing that may be forgotten in the crazy days leading up to your wedding is that your gown has possibly been sitting in a bag in your closet for a while, which inevitably means that it could have lost its shape or gained some extra creasing and folds where they should not be. To help you conquer this problem, we’ve put together a few tips that will ensure you can properly care for your gown in the immediate days and hours leading up to your big day.

1.Always source out a garment care specialist to give your gown a light pressing and steaming 1-2 days before your wedding. Our advice is to always to go with the pros, as DIY at home alternatives like household irons are always a little risky. The last thing we would want would be a pre-wedding disaster like an iron imprint on your gown, or rust stains, which cannot be repaired by even the most skilled gown specialists.

2.If you’re in an absolute pinch and cannot source a gown specialists due to circumstances like time or location, we always recommend using a handheld steamer (make sure to flush out a full cycle of steam from the reservoir) before using a household iron.  If you only have a household iron, make sure to test the steam setting and steam off any old water, on a white bath towel first before taking it to your gown.  Once you’re ready to iron your gown, make sure to start with a small area around the hemline or the tail of the train. Also, make sure to check your care label as some gowns with intericate beading or appliques advise against any type of heavily steaming or ironing.

3. Finally, we have an at home solution which is less invasive, although may not work for all gown types. If you’re wearing a gown with minimal layers, you can try the good old steam shower trick. Simply hang your gown outside a running shower to create a humid steamy environment. This can help settle any crease in your gown, although it is less effective on gowns with multiple layers or full skirts.

So, there you have it! Some quick tips from your friendly neighborhood gown specialists. If you’re a bride who is in need of some pre-wedding gown care, you can give us a call or send us an email to book an appointment or speak with Grace or Nadine about your specific needs. If you’re outside of the Greater Toronto Area, you can check out a full list of experienced gown specialists here.

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