A few months ago, we shared a featured bride post for Susan’s 37 year old wedding gown. If you haven’t read it, you can check it out here. This week, we’re happy to share a behind the scenes look at the restoration and preservation process that Susan’s gown went through to take it from drab to fab!

As with all of our bridal services, Susan’s journey began with a complimentary consultation in which we examined her gown, discussed possible risks or outcomes, as well as the expected timeline and budget. Susan’s gown is a gorgeous late 70’s/early 80’s gown that had been stored like most gowns, somewhere in a plastic bag in the forgotten land that is the back of one’s closet. Due to the age and storage of her gown, it had all the typical signs of aging, yellowing and caramelization that we see in gowns this age. After taking a close look at the gown, we determined that we would be able to bring it back to its original bright white, with minimal impact on beading and lace details.

After Susan’s consultation, the gown went through our intake process, including detailed sketches and notes, as well as an examination by our Sr. Technician and his team. Our Sr. Technician determined the best process for the gown and so the cleaning and restoration process began. This process included: spot cleaning, full cleaning process and some minor repairs. The gown was then hand finished and Susan had the opportunity to come into our location and check out the gown to make sure she was happy with the results!

The freshly cleaned gown was then handed over to our preservation team who prepped the gown to be fitted into its forever home. At Grace, we only use our trademarked museum quality preservation methods, including acid free bust forms, tissue and boxes that include a see-through window. Susan’s gown was placed and sealed in the box, which includes a lifetime guarantee. After the gown was packaged, we scheduled an appointment with Susan to come in and collect her beautiful gown!

Susan’s gown is now back to its original form and protected from further aging. Her gown has a safe home where it can stay until she chooses to use it again, repurpose it or for when one of her two daughters decides to get married, should they wish to incorporate it into their weddings.

Thinking of having your gown restored, book your complimentary consultation with us today!

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