As many of you may know, through reading our website and learning about us via our social media, we’re a very proud family business whose roots were created in the 1970’s and continue today. Grace, our matriarch and loved namesake of our business, has been working with brides for over 40 years and is now accompanied by her daughter Nadine, who has come back to the business she worked for in her teens to continue the amazing work her mother has established.

Over the last few years, Nadine has been very active in consultations and is the first person to speak with each bride, she has also been learning the insider tricks of the trade from our amazing staff and cleaners. So, it seemed that the natural next step would be to jump right into the art of gown cleaning, hands on. This is what took Nadine and Grace to Boston this past weekend to attend a course in gown cleaning, organized by longtime friends The Association of Wedding Gown Specialists and held at Dependable Cleaners. The weekend was filled to the brim with education and learning, but it was also filled with nostalgic memories for Nadine and Grace as this trip signaled to them that their hard work has now come full circle.

As a child, Nadine and her siblings have memories of hugging and kissing their mom and dad goodbye, as they went off for a weekend to improve their skill set through courses like this, to ultimately offer better services to their customers.  Here we are today, with Nadine now following in their footsteps, with a hunger to learn from the best of the best to further offer our clients the ultimate experience in gown care services. Although many things have changed in terms of technologies and cleaning techniques, one thing hasn’t, the sense of family and friendship are still present here at Grace, maybe even more so with the recent inclusion of the second generation.

This trip was more than just an opportunity to learn the latest gown cleaning techniques, it was an opportunity for mother and daughter bonding, memory sharing and of course a chance to build new memories!

Here are some of the pictures we were able to capture during our trip!


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