Let’s start off by acknowledging that it’s been a ROUGH start to the new decade. We hope you are keeping well and wishing you and your loved once health and happiness, always!

Covid-19 altered life as we know it in a variety of ways. We’ve seen massive layoffs, the new normal of working remotely and many businesses having to either close their doors or make drastic changes to the way they service customers compared to a time before the pandemic.

Despite it all, we have also seen many cheerful displays of life continuing, including, community support behind our doctors and nurses, the inception of Zoom meetings and virtual weddings.

As the government begins to ease restrictions on businesses and we begin to venture out of our houses more (with masks and hand sanitizer by our side), we are happy to announce that our bridal appointments are now back up and running, with a slight twist.

Here are some new changes that you can expect:

  • Consultations are moving online! We’re asking our clients to book a date and time via our online calendar to come and drop their gown off at our plant. After we’ve had the time to examine your gown, we will contact you to schedule a virtual zoom consultation. The consultation will be just as thorough as our typical in person appointments, including up to an hour with our dedicated gown specialist. After which, there is still no obligation to move forward with cleaning, should you not wish to. NOTE: As of January 2021, we’re now back to hosting regular In-person consultations (with reduced hours). We’re no longer offering online consultations at the point. As a dry-cleaning/laundry company we are deemed essential by the Government of Ontario and as such, are open to the public (Covid measures are in place).
  • We’re strictly adhering to industry and government advice in regard to garment handling during Covid-19. This includes allowing your garments to “rest” in their garment bags for 24 hours before handling. This is to mitigate any potential exposure to virus particles that may linger on garments. It’s thought that the virus cannot last more than a few hours outside of the body.
  • After the 24-hour holding period has expired, our gown specialist will examine your gown, this process will be filmed and documented for you to walk through during your Zoom consultation.
  • Once your gown is cleaned and ready to be returned to you, you can take advantage of our temporary gown deliveries to our clients within the city of Toronto.

By making these changes, we hope to offer you our clients a safer and more convenient service during these unprecedented times.

For more information regarding our Covid-19 measures, give us a call today!

Phone: 416-261-2204

Email: info@gracegowncare.ca

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