A lot of times in our North American culture, we automatically think of white when we think of weddings, especially wedding gowns. Although shades of white dominate as the wedding gown colour of choice here in Canada, it’s not the norm in many other cultures and it’s not even that old of a tradition looking back at European history.

White only became the colour of choice for brides after it was worn by Queen Victoria in 1840. Being one of the western world’s biggest public figures at the time, white gowns went viral and have set the trend for years to come. Prior to this, brides in Europe wore bright colours and lux materials like furs and silks to represent their families prosperity (as marriage was previously used as a way to combine family wealth and ensure powerful alliances).

Today, white has prevailed as the go-to hue for modern western brides, but we’re lucky enough to be located in the most diverse city in the world (and the most diverse neighbourhood of the city), so we have the honour of receiving all kinds of wedding day garments from around the world.

Recently, a client came to us hoping to clean and preserve several of their cultural garments from their wedding and you won’t believe how intricate and beautiful these pieces were! The order included quite a few items, so our plant was shining brightly with all different colours of the rainbow.

Have a look at some of these garments below:

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