We’re back again, with our favourite type of post, before and afters! This time we have a full gown transformation for you! It’s a great example of several different stain types, all wrapped into one gown and one amazing job well done by our team of stain wizards!

Soiled Hemline

The hemline of this gown is heavily soiled, potentially from some outdoor activities on the day of the wedding! It’s one of the most common areas of a gown to attract dirt, but as you can see this one was particularly darkly stained. No need to worry, our team worked their magic and got it back to its original bright white colour.

Makeup Transfer

Another common stain, along with perspiration and fake tans are the pesky make-up transfer stains. Just think of the struggle of getting into your gown with full hair and make-up as well as the number of hugs and cheek kisses you’ll be doling out on the night of your wedding. It’s a miracle that anyone walks away from their wedding without any foundation or lipstick stains.

Inner Lining

Sometimes, these stains can be worse than what you see along the outer hemline, especially if you have a train. They may not be as visible when the dress is on, but if you lift up layers of your gown, you’ll soon see them. These stains should be treated pre-alteration if you bought a previously loved gown.

Lace and Caked on Dirt

The final example we have on this gown is dirt that has been caked on or compacted into lace details on the gown. Since lace is often delicate, we make sure to take good care when cleaning these areas, to make sure the lace trim comes out in its original condition.

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