It’s time to announce one of our most exciting blog topics. It’s a topic we’re very excited to bring to you guys, as it’s 100% focused on you, our gorgeous brides. In the featured bride section of our blog, we’ll be featuring our very own lovely brides and the stories behind their wedding and gown, along with a sneak peek into their beautiful photos from the day of (some great inspo for future brides).

Our first feature is focused on Annie Chern a gorgeous bride who brought her gown into Grace to be cleaned and preserved, post wedding. We could sit here all day and tell you about Annie, but we think it would be best to hear from her! Below are some of Annie’s answers to some of our most burning questions. Also scroll down to see some amazing pictures from the day of!

1. What was the most memorable part of your wedding day?

Believe it or not, the most memorable part was all the time we spent outside taking photographs as a couple! It was late March so it was only around 2 or 3 degrees Celsius outside but the time we spent together – talking about our morning (getting ready, being with our bridesmaids and groomsmen, seeing friends arrive at the hotel) – was really special. We also got quite a few laughs in on how cold we were and how big the skirt of my dress was!

2. How did you know that this was the gown for you?

The first time I put it on, I gasped when I was zipped in. Something about the colour had already caught my eye but combining it with the illusion neckline that I loved and then the full (but delicate) skirt made it so special and I just got “the feeling”. I hadn’t planned on a ball gown at all, so I was very curious to see what my bridal party’s reaction would be! When I stepped out and my bridesmaids and my mom all reacted with gasps and “Wow!” as I did, I knew for sure. I had come with my heart set on an illusion neckline so that was the main highlight … but the beautiful detailed back and the very unique ‘coffee champagne’ colour just made it unforgettable. I knew when I left the store that it was the dress and true enough, I went back five days later to order it!

3. Why did you decide to clean and preserve your wedding gown?

I knew that I wanted to clean the dress for sure (as I suspected that it would’ve gotten dirty from all the time I spent outside) but I decided to preserve it because, to me, the dress represented everything that was special and extravagant about my wedding day. I’ll likely never wear a ball gown ever again! It will always remind me of the happiest day of my life so it was important to me that – regardless if we were to have a daughter who would ever consider wearing it – it would be kept in as best condition as possible. I’d heard of stains appearing and the fabric yellowing and I didn’t want that to happen.

4. What made you decide to come the Grace Wedding Gown Specialists?

The internet is amazing when it comes to wedding planning and researching what other brides have experienced and recommended. When I read other brides’ testimonials on the website, and also that it would be preserved with acid-free tissue and sealed in a box with a window for viewing, I knew it was the right choice for me. The fact that Grace is a recognized wedding gown specialist also gave me the confidence that my gown was properly cared for.

5. If you can pick anyone to be your first dinner guest(s) as a married couple who would it be and what would you make for dinner?

I am obsessed with Downton Abbey and my dream would be for Andrew and I to sit down with the family for a full dinner experience in their dining room, complete with attire from that time. I wouldn’t make the dinner of course – that would be left to expertise of the downstairs staff!

6. On our 50th wedding anniversary, we would celebrate by…

Drinking white wine and watching Wall-E, which is what we did on their second date.

7. What flavour was your wedding cake at the wedding?

We had four flavours, one for each of the tiers of our cake from I Do! Wedding Cakes: Hazelnut, Truffle, Mango, and Vanilla Bean.

8. Describe your proposal?

Andrew surprised me on their two year anniversary with a date at Beer Bistro, where we went on our very first date in 2013. I was quite impressed he remembered and was so romantic about recreating it all, not at all aware of the rest of the night and weekend to come! While we were on out date, Andrew had a friend’s help setting up roses and candles in our hotel room at One King West for the private proposal. He proposed that night amongst 100 candles, red rose petals, and lots of champagne! The next day, while I enjoyed sharing the happy news with family and close friends, Andrew had already orchestrated a surprise engagement party for my friends that evening. We had a wonderful weekend celebrating.

9. What was the one thing you forgot to pack for your honeymoon?

An umbrella. We hadn’t factored in the possibility of rain so we ended up buying a couple at the nearby 7 Eleven (which, by the way, have everything when you’re in Japan).

10. What is your favourite date night restaurant?

We actually don’t have one! Living in New York City, there are always new restaurants to try and going to a new one every date still wouldn’t cover all the amazing options in the city. That said, where have they gone multiple times? For fresh oysters at Wild Edibles.

11. Who takes a longer shower?



We hope you’ve loved getting to know Annie as much as we have! Stay tuned for more featured brides!

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