We’ve got a special one for you guys this week! Most of our feature brides posts have been focused on newly married couples, but this one is a little different. Meet Susan, a lovely bride (and mother of one of our awesome team members) who brought us her gorgeous gown from 1981. Keep reading to learn more about her big day!

How did you and your husband meet?

We met as teenagers at a get-together with friends in the late 70’s. We’d gone to the same high school and lived close by each other, but had never crossed paths. One day, a friend and I went to a party with one of our male friends. Little did I know that Keith was also friends with this person.

When did you get married and where did you celebrate your wedding?

We got married on November 7th 1981. The ceremony was held in a quaint neighbourhood Catholic Church that my family had been attending for many years. Our reception was a much bigger affair, held in a large hall. We had a traditional Italian wedding with over 200 guests and more food than we knew what to do with.

How did you know that this was the gown for you?

I wanted to wear a dress that was flowy and comfortable since I knew I’d be in it all day. Back then gown shopping wasn’t as big of a deal as it is now. I visited a local wedding gown boutique and tried on a few dresses until I found the one that reflected everything I wanted in a dress: comfort, flow and simple charm. I also wore a matching headpiece consisting of a hat and veil, which my kids later got a hold of and used to play dress up when they were younger.

What made you decide to come to Grace Wedding Gown Specialists?

My daughter finally convinced me that I should do something with my dress. Prior to coming to Grace, it had been sitting in a plastic bag at the back of my closet (which I later found out is the WORST way to store your gown!!). I’d heard all about their attention to detail and great results, so I brought it in to be cleaned and preserved. They completely surpassed my expectation! The gown came out looking as good as new and is now packaged in a preservation box that I can cherish forever. The service I received was second to none. Grace and Nadine are such amazing people and they really know how to treat their customers with the utmost care.

On our 50th wedding anniversary, we would celebrate by doing…

Well, we’ve just surpassed our 37th anniversary this week, so we’re almost there. We’ll probably spend it as we usually do, surrounded by family and friends. November is a pretty busy month for us with our daughters both celebrating birthdays, so we usually make it an excuse to celebrate all three occasions together!

What was the one thing you forgot to pack for your honeymoon?

Believe it or not, we forgot to pack our PASSPORTS!! Luckily this was a long time ago before passports were required to fly to all destinations, so we didn’t need them. We spent our honeymoon enjoying the sun and heat in Jamaica for a week before coming back to snowy Toronto.

Stay Tuned for our next blog post, detailing the whole restoration and preservation of Susan’s gown from start to finish!! 

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