Is it cold enough for you guys yet? We don’t know if it’s a fact, but this winter has us feeling like this might be the coldest one in a long while! With the cold snap that took us through Christmas and New Years, as well as the upcoming forecast, we’re dreaming of a tropical getaway right about now!

Destination weddings have been taking over and they only seem to be getting more popular! Travel agents, resorts and airlines all offer custom services to help couples plan their dream destination wedding and we know that both the couple and their guests love the opportunity to soak up the sun for a few days, all while tying the knot. So, since more and more couples are opting for a destination wedding, we thought we’d share some tips of our own, to ensure your gown is properly taken care of in preparation for your big day! Here’s a few things to keep in mind:

1. Always check with your travel agent or airline for specific details on how to travel with your gown in advance. Most airlines now allow brides to take their gown in a garment bag as a carry on item and have special compartments on board for safe storage while travelling. If by chance, your airline does not allow you to carry on your gown, no need to worry, special destination kits can be purchased for proper packing in checked in luggage. You can purchase these kits through Grace, just give us a call!

2. You never know if you may need some emergency gown care for stains or even to refresh your gown due to travelling, so try to source out any local dry cleaners in the area of your hotel. Check with your resort or wedding coordinator within the resort for a list of amenities available to you at your resort, just incase. We also have a list of our fellow association members available here, should you be planning a wedding in any of those locations.

3. Remember our tips for wedding day cleaning/care?  If your last resort is using an iron on your gown, don’t forget about the proper way to test out an iron with a steam setting. Test it out on a clean white towel before steaming your gown! If there is no rust residue transfer onto the towel, you should allow the steam to run for about 1 minute on the towel before steaming areas on your wedding gown.


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