Here at Grace we love keeping up with the latest gown trends! Not only does it help to educate us on the current and best practices when working with your beloved gowns, but come on, it’s just fun to look at beautiful gowns!

One trend we’ve noticed both online and in the plant for the last few years is the trend of colorful gowns. Wedding gowns as we know them today were not always the same, in the past, brides often wore coloured garments on their big day and eventually adopted white gowns as they became more of a trend by the aristocracy and were tied to specific values from that time. So, it’s no surprise that the “rules” surrounding wedding wear are again being broken by brides looking to be true to themselves and set their own trends.

We’ve worked on our fair share of cream, champagne and coffee coloured gowns, and have even seen a few blush gowns come through our doors. No matter if it’s an off-white gown or a vibrant blue, we are so on board with this colourful concept! So, if you’re like us and are looking for some bright gown inspiration, we’ve compiled a few sources for you to check out, ranging from a subtle colour shift to ombre to gowns that match every colour of the rainbow!




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