It’s that time again guys, the time has come for some more awesome before and after gown transformations! This week we have a couple good old hemline stains and the dreaded food/drink stain to share with you. As we’ve mentioned before, we love a good B&A post, since they are a true reflection of the awesome work we love doing on a daily basis.


If you’re a follower of our blog, or if you follow us on any of our social accounts, you’ll know the deal with the above and below images. Hemline stains are basically unavoidable, given that you’re wearing a full-length gown on your wedding day. No matter if you’re walking through the grass to take your photos or just dancing the night away on a banquet hall floor, your gown will collect dirt and stains on the bottom. These stains are more obvious than something like a champaign stain that yellows over time. If you’re thinking of selling/donating your gown or preserving it, it’s always a good idea to get these taken care of shortly after your big day.


Another high-risk stain that you may encounter on your big day is the dreaded red wine/ dark beverage stain. Weddings (if done right) are meant to be lively celebratory occasions where people are prone to enjoying a couple drinks and usually some kind of conga line. In many cases this combination can lead to some accidental drink tipping, resulting in a dark coloured stain on an otherwise white gown. The picture below is of a pomegranate-based drink stain. Although this type of stain can be a little tricky to remove, we were able to restore the gown to its previous white colour, crisis averted!


Weddings are meant to be enjoyed, so why spend the whole time worried about avoiding all the possible stain risks? Enjoy the day, then give us a call after the big event, we’ve got you covered!

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