It’s that time again…the time that we’re able to brag a little bit and showcase the amazing work of our fabulous staff. As we’ve always said, our before and after pictures are some of our most loved and in our opinion, the most informative, as they give you a real look at the type of garments we’re used to cleaning. This week, we have a few more images depicting some of the most common gown woos that we can look after for you! Here’s a sneak peek into some of the gowns we’ve cleaned recently:


This gown is a perfect example of both discoloration and typical staining around the hemline. Since the gown is an off-white, pink colour, the stains, and dirt that was collected during the big day, makes the gown’s colour much duller. After cleaning the gown, our team was able to revive the gorgeous colour and get rid of the staining.

Before and after 1

Sugar Stains

This gown right here is an example of why you should re-think your decision to hold off on gown cleaning. The stain below was likely caused by a sugary beverage (Champagne anyone?) that unfortunately spilled on the gown. The stain may not be visible on the night of, but will only get darker as the sugars caramelize over time. With that being said, there is no need to worry, we have lots of experience cleaning these exact types of stains.

Before and after 2

Minor Marks and Scuffs

They may not be the most obvious stains on a gown, but they are equally as common as those present on the previous gowns. Minor scuffs or marks like make-up stains, zipper marks or clasp marks are very common and luckily, also very treatable! We spend lots of time examining your gown during your complimentary consultation, in order to spot every possible mark on your gown, as we believe even the smallest of marks can be cleaned away.

Before and after 3


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