Welcome to Grace Wedding Gown Specialists!

We are your go to team for wedding gown care.

We know the effort and care you’ve put into selecting the perfect dress for your wedding and we ensure the same level of care when handling your precious gown.

Our Services

Hello there, welcome to Grace Wedding Gown Specialists, your go to team for wedding gown care.
We know the effort and care you’ve put into selecting the perfect dress for your wedding and we ensure the same level of care when handling your precious gown.

Pre-wedding gown care

Pre-wedding Gown Care

We can help with pre-wedding day cleaning, pressing and steaming.

Wedding gown cleaning

Wedding Gown Cleaning

All gowns are individually hand cleaned layer by layer and inspected by Grace herself.

Wedding gown preservation

Wedding Gown Preservation

Your gown is carefully packaged and comes with an international lifetime guarantee.

Our Specialized Process

Your gown is unique and so are our methods in caring for your gown. When you bring your gown into Grace Wedding Gown Specialists, we want you to feel completely at ease, knowing that we will take precious care of your beloved gown. That’s why we put so much effort into our customer’s experience, we like to call it “The Grace Process” and here’s what you can expect.


Your Complimentary Consultation

All of our wedding gown cleaning, preservation or restoration services start with an in-depth complimentary consultation with our mother daughter team Grace and Nadine. We encourage you to be involved in your gown assessment consultation where great care is taken in examining your gown to establish its condition. Not even the smallest of details are over looked as we examine your gown layer-by-layer, together and discuss the recommended gown care options and next steps in caring for your gown.


The Intake Process

Once you’ve made the decision to have your gown cleaned, preserved or restored, your gown will then be presented to the production team along with an in-depth review of all notes or special considerations that should be taken into account when working on your gown. Special care is taken in preparing your gown for the core cleaning process by securing beadwork and placing barrier protection around delicate embellishments.


The Cleaning Process

Your gown is unique and so should the methods be in caring for your gown. We believe that the cleaning methods should be customized for your gown. We start the process by gently pre-treating the soiled areas of your gown by hand.  Next, the core cleaning process begins as per the designer care label, never being treated in combination with other gowns. After cleaning, a quality inspection assessment is done by Grace to decide if more treatment is needed or if your gown is ready for finishing. Our team uses precision skills in steaming and pressing your gown to ensure all pleats, gathers and details look just right.


The Gown Reveal Appointment

The excitement of presenting your newly cleaned gown is such a highlight for us.  We believe this step is so important and encourage you to come in to personally inspect your gown from top to bottom. At your gown reveal, we take you through a recap of the transformation of your gown from start to finish.  Once a thorough inspection of your gown has been completed final details are determined based on your personal needs.



Our matriarch Grace personally packages your gown into its archival grade, museum quality trademark preservation box. Your beautifully preserved gown is sealed with our international lifetime guarantee. Our guarantee is recognized in over 500 cities worldwide by all members of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists. Once the preservation stage is complete, we invite you to come and collect your beautifully packaged gown and we provide you with best practices for storage.

Book An Appointment

Book An Appointment

Book your complimentary consultation with a Gown Specialist today.  There is no obligation and we’ll even provide you with an estimate of the gown care option you’re interested in.

Special Offers

Special Offers

Take advantage of a fantastic savings towards the cost of your cleaning or preservation today!




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