All wedding gowns are individually hand cleaned and treated with our exclusive “Anti-Sugar” solution – which removes sugar, salt and acidic stains that regular dry cleaning alone will not remove.


After the gown has been cleaned and finished, the next step is the packaging. We use acid-free tissue to protect your gown and seal it in a premium-quality box with an acid-free acetate window for viewing.


If the perfect dress for you, the one worn by your mother or grandmother, is yellowed and marked with stains that ordinary dry cleaning cannot remove, we renew the family gown with our unique restoration process. Something “old” can be something “new” for your wedding or for baby’s christening.

International Guarantee

You will receive a written 100% guarantee against any carmelization of sugar stains or yellowing of your gown. This international guarantee is backed by 500 Wedding Gown Specialists around the world.
Return your gown with the seal unbroken to any Wedding Gown Specialist, who will inspect and press the gown at no charge. Breaking the seal without the supervision of a Wedding Gown Specialist may cause damage and compromise the true preservation of our gown.

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