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After the wedding, choose the right care
for your wedding gown.

You know your gown will receive all the professional attention it deserves when you choose a wedding gown specialist that has been cleaning gowns for nearly 40 years. Your wedding gown receives personalized attention when we inspect the gown with you and discuss any concerns you may have. Your gown is then cleaned and finished individually to ensure that it gets the treatment best suited to the design and trim you chose with great care for your special day.

If you chose to have your wedding dress preserved, we encourage you to inspect your dress once it has been cleaned to see just how perfect it looks. Once inspected, your gown will be packed with acid free tissue in an archival quality wedding box with a window for viewing your treasured memories.

For the “Green” bride we offer Zero Carbon cleaning and preservation. By choosing a Zero Carbon service you can reduce the carbon footprint you leave on the planet.

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